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 F I N E   W R I T I N G   I N S T U R M E N T S


At Curtis Australia we handcraft our pens individually, and our techniques create pens unlike any others in the world.


The art of handwriting

Pens are still an important part of our everyday lives.

Most ideas still start with a pen or pencil and a good pen will allow your thoughts and ideas to flow seamlessly. At Curtis Australia, we consider every aspect of a pen before we design and create. For example, the balance is important as it helps you write for long periods without tiring - perfect for that first novel or your daily journal.


A vital first step in the art of creating our pens. As jewellers and pen makers, we tend towards different techniques, using our skills to create jewellery that writes. Many of our pens feature detailed sculptured relief, telling stories and creating a tactile quality in precious materials such as solid silver and gold.


The spring clip is just one noteable feature of a Curtis pen. Designed to accommodate any fabric, the hidden steel spring allows the clip to grip securely. Nibs are vital too - our fountain pen nibs are tipped with iridium and have just the right amount of flex for smooth, free flowing writing.

Prestige Pen - Gold & Diamond
This very special Prestige Pen is handcrafted in solid 9ct yellow gold and hand set with both princess and brilliant cut diamonds around both cap & barrel. Fitted with an 18ct gold tone tone iridium tipped nib for effortless and fluid writing - truly a fountain pen to treasure.
44,500 44500.0 AUD
Adventurer Pen - America 400
The America 400 pen tells the story of the first voyagers and their intrepid ships to
the New World. The Great Race and The Race to the Pole are two other models in our handcrafted Adventurer Series of sterling silver, story telling pens.

In 1607, three ships, Godspeed, Susan Constant and the Discovery set out from England on a brave voyage, with orders to ‘settle Virginia, find gold, and a sea route to the Orient’.
The route taken included a stop in the Canary Islands and, the Atlantic Ocean, with a better wind, would have taken about two months to cross; instead, the voyage lasted 144 days.
On landing, the settlers founded the first permanent English settlement in North America. This settlement was named Jamestown, in the new Colony of Virginia.

The America’s 400th Anniversary Fountain pen is detailed with the three ships in full sail around the cap, and the barrel features illustrations based on the sailmakers drawings of the day. A compass rose applies a finishing touch to the end of the barrel.

Choose a roller ball or fountain pen - the fountain pen has an engraved two tone nib in 18ct gold, with an iridium tip for fluid writing.

Complete with Limited Edition Certificate and luxuriously lined lacquered presentation box.
4,995 4995.0 AUD
Adventurer Pen - The Race to the Pole
The Adventurer Pens tells a story in highly detailed sculptured sterling silver - choose from remarkable three designs, The Great Race, The Race to the Pole and America 400.
The Race to the Pole pen tells the story of Peary and Henson who harnessed the wisdom of the local Inuit people to be the first to reach the North Pole. Battling constantly moving and breaking ice floes, and extremes of wind and freezing, bitter temperatures, the intrepid explorers are recognised in this remarkable pen.

The Race to the Pole pens have detailed decorative elements finely worked around both cap and barrel. A substantial pen handcrafted in solid sterling silver, but with a carefully balanced feel when in hand. In a prestigious, lacquered wood and lined presentation box, with certificate.
4,995 4995.0 AUD
Majestic Vision Frame
The Majestic Vision Frame is a one of a kind objet d'art available now. It involves hundreds of hours of design, lapidary and jewellery skills. Using Australian Jasper richly enhanced with solid gold and over 140 handset brilliant cut diamonds. Frame measurements 145mm x 120mm suiting an image of 75mm x 100mm.
46,500 46500.0 AUD
Spring Flowers Pen
With pink, white and yellow diamonds set in a sterling silver hand crafted pen, Spring Flowers is another Curtis Australia pen where the skills of the jeweller and pen maker meet. Choose either fountain or roller ball and enjoy allowing your thoughts to freely flow with fluid, spontaneous writing. A delicately worked textured background of realistic leaves provides the perfect foil for the naive diamond set flowers in this beautiful pen. Please contact us for further information on how you can acquire this exceptional pen,
48,000 48000.0 AUD
Majestic Fountain Pen
Majestic by name and nature, this spectacular gem set fountain pen features intricate decoration in solid gold.

Inspired by Europe's imperial palaces, richly decorative and wonderfully colourful, the solid gold pen has a two tone 18ct gold nib tipped with iridium for a smooth writing experience. Set with calibrated and carefully chosen blue sapphires, rubies and diamonds, the Majestic is a tour de force of the penmaker's art.
195,000 195000.0 AUD
Myst Fountain Pen Diamond
A masterpiece in solid gold, there are hundreds of diamonds embellishing our ‘Myst’ pen, each hand chosen and set by traditional diamond setting techniques.
Inspired by morning mist rising over a mystical lake, the yellow gold evokes the reeds criss-crossing at the water's edge.

Crafted in the Curtis atelier, this remarkable pen catches the light at every angle and arrives fitted with an 18ct gold two tone Curtis nib, or roller ball.

Set with Australian 'Silvermist' diamonds that have a uniquely soft misty white colour.
Beautifully crafted, generously weighted, perfectly balanced, a pen like no other.
139,000 139000.0 AUD
DreamWriter Belle Pen
Dreamwriter roller ball pens are for those who love the fluidity of a fountain pen while enjoying the convenience of a ballpoint. Hand mixed pen makers acrylics are accented by sterling silver decoration, including a strong concealed spring clip and cap collar. All are beautifully balanced for long periods of writing and creativity.
795 795.0 AUD
Dais Pen
Dais is a classically inspired twist action ballpoint pen with a strong spring clip perfect for your pocket. The polished barrel is forged by hand from one piece of solid Sterling Silver, and the elegant eight sided finial caps off a very stylish pen.

These wonderful ballpoint pens are not only elegant, they are also well balanced for easy, fluid writing and sterling silver takes on a wonderful patina over time, creating a pen to treasure, or a wonderful gift.
1,400 1400.0 AUD
Brighton Pen
The Brighton ‘Arabesque’ is a rich, elaborate design in detailed, sculptured relief around both cap & barrel. For those who prefer something more contemporary, why not consider the ‘Harvest’ design. Just toggle the options below.

Although a larger pen than the Prestige, we worked hard to give the Brighton the same balance of weight for easy hand writing, and to help this further, the fountain model has a large 18ct gold two tone nib with built in ‘flex’ and a smooth writing iridium tip to suit everyone’s handwriting.

Available in solid Sterling Silver as a Rollerball or Fountain Pen, the Brighton pen provides a luxurious writing experience. Handcrafted by Curtis Australia’s master craftspeople in our studio.
2,995 2995.0 AUD
Adventurer Pen - The Great Race
The Great Race is part of our Adventurer Series that also includes The Race to the Pole and America 400 pens. All are handcrafted in solid sterling silver with remarkable detail.
The Race to the Pole pen tells the story of Peary and Henson who harnessed the wisdom of the local Inuit people to become the first explorers to reach the North Pole. Battling constantly ice floes, and extremes of wind and freezing, bitter temperatures, the intrepid explorers are recognised in this remarkable pen.

The Adventurer pens have detailed decorative elements finely worked in sculptured relief around both cap and barrel, making a substantial pen handcrafted in solid sterling silver, but with a carefully balanced feel when in hand. In a prestigious, lacquered wood and lined presentation box, with Limited Edition certificate.

The fountain pen has an 18ct two tone nib with iridium tip for smooth writing, and the roller ball pen has a liquid ink that flows seamlessly across the page.
4,995 4995.0 AUD
Prestige Pen
Elevate your writing with a Prestige Pen by Curtis Australia, luxurious, handcrafted pens. Choose yours from a range of intricate designs.
Curtis Australia’s Prestige pens are available to you as either a Fountain Pen with 18ct solid gold two tone nib or a Rollerball tip.

​Fitted with a Curtis solid 18ct gold two tone nib, the Prestige Fountain Pen writes beautifully thanks in part to its iridium tip.
This special material added to the nib ensures a wonderfully smooth writing experience, allowing your thoughts to flow seamlessly.

Handcrafted from Sterling Silver, exclusive to Curtis Australia, with a range of intricately sculpted designs that feel good to hold & are sure to catch the eye.

In particular, the ‘Dreamtime’ Prestige pen is inspired by uniquely Australian stories handed down over generations and shows our appreciation of early Australian art in a tactile relief design encircling both the cap and barrel. Careful contrast finishing further enhances the sculptured motifs. Made individually by us in our Australian atelier by our master jewellers and pen makers.
2,000 2000.0 AUD
Mini Pen - Hearts
Mini in size but perfectly proportioned, this twist action ballpoint pen is ideal for popping in your handbag or pocket for quick notes on the go.

In colourful resin with a solid silver decorative collar, measuring 100mm (4″), our ‘Mini’ pen may be small, but it is perfectly formed.
There's also a stunning gold & diamond Mini Pen available.
350 350.0 AUD
Streamline Pen Dark Blue
This dark blue Streamline pen with solid silver clip and collar is hand crafted by us in our Australian studio. The hand polished resin is involving to look at and different on every pen. With a solid silver mid collar and strong, spring clip that suits any pocket.

Beautifully balanced for tireless writing that allows your thoughts to flow freely. A perfect everyday pen ideal as a gift - or just because.
440 440.0 AUD